FAZIOLI 法吉歐利鋼琴—琴峰樂器台灣總代理




  • 鋼琴響板完全地以黑色烤漆,鋼骨以銀色烤漆,而其他零件鍍鉻。此不凡的顏色配置,是由世界的知名建築師Norman Foster所構思,此鋼琴型號稱為銀色機種,因其銀色鋼骨的創意。

    The inside of the instrument has been totally covered in black lacquer, including the surface of the soundboard. The iron frame has been varnished in silver and all other parts have been chromium plated. This unusual matching of colors was conceived by the world renown architect, Norman Foster.
    This model has been called "Silver" because of the impact created by the silver iron frame.