FAZIOLI 法吉歐利鋼琴—琴峰樂器台灣總代理



Brunei II

  • 琴蓋上的半寶石與玫瑰末節花紋點綴,猶如嵌入皇冠的寶石般,琴腳與踏板嵌入金黃飾物所勾勒出的輪廓營造精簡氛圍
    The pattern of diamonds on the lid ending up at the rosette, like introducing a crown jewel is only one of the high points of the Fazioli Brunei. The lively sound brings the flower motives to life and takes everybody’s breath away. The legs and pedal lyra of Fazioli Brunei II are outlined with blond inlays thus producing a streamlined, lifted effect.