FAZIOLI 法吉歐利鋼琴—琴峰樂器台灣總代理



Red Elm

  • 建築師厄內斯特 · 柯林斯根據客戶的要求設計出了這款珍貴鋼琴,以襯托房子的喬治亞式建築風格。鋼琴上的徽章圖樣及珍珠母裝飾相映出18世紀英國櫥櫃製造商的風格特色,也為這特別的外框帶來優雅明亮之感
    This precious F308 in red elm brier was designed by architect Ernest Collins upon his client's request, who wished to have a music room with a piano matching the Georgian style of his house. In fact, the medallions recall motives used by the great English cabinetmakers of the 18th century, as do the mother-of-pearl decorations, which give a touch of elegance and brightness to the special case.